March 6 & 13, 2018 – BC Liquor Distribution Branch Tour

On Tuesday March 6th and 13th, CMHDS Members toured the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) Distribution Centre in Vancouver, BC.

The facility is moving from its current location to the Tilbury Industrial Park in Delta later in 2018 so one of the high points of the tour was to hear about some of the pre-move preparations and how the two facilities compare.

Other tour features included how the LDB serves its omni-channel customers, ordering and service cycles, how the LDB has maintained service levels in the current “too-small” facility, and how the LDB continues to deal with the growing business from independent retailers. A future tour of the new facility is planned allowing direct comparison to current operations.

The LDB employ more than 3,500 people, approximately 500 of which are engaged directly in 3-shift DC and Distribution related service and operate over 200 government liquor stores under the BC Liquor Stores name, found all across the province.