CMHDS Members Raise $3000 For Canuck Place

Left to Right - Tami Haslam (Coast Paper), Robyn Zylstra (Canuck Place) and Brian Devereaux (London Drugs)

It all started at a CMHDS Board of Directors meeting in early 2011. Tony Beck, CMHDS Director suggested we take our long established CMHDS Golf Tournament and turn it into a event to raise funds for charity. There was one of those moments around the table of quiet astonishment – why hadn’t we thought of this before?

Tony had helped organize a number of charity tournaments over the years and helped to connect us with Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. In short order the “CMHDS Golf Tournament” became “The CMHDS Charity Classic Golf Tournament”.

We had a number of ideas on how to raise money during the event and it was about that time that Tami Haslam of Coast Paper called and said she would like to help out in any way she could. Tami quickly took the bull by the horns and started calling fellow CMHDS members asking if they would sponsor a Tee at the Golf Tournament.

Before long Tami had sold sponsorships for all 18 tees and actually sold one too many as there wasn’t one left for her. We quickly decided to offer Tami & Coast Paper the sponsorship of everyone’s favourite hole – Number 19!

Along with the sponsorships, we offered Mulligan’s and draw tickets for a donation. By the end of the evening we had raised almost $2750 and with a few dollars throw in by the Board of Directors we were able to donate an even $3000 to Canuck Place.

Shortly afterwards, Tami & Brian Devereaux (CMHDS Director & Treasurer) met with Robyn Zylstra outside of the hospice to present the donation (pictured above).

The CMHDS Board of Directors would like to thank all CMHDS members for their kind donations and generosity and especially Tami Haslam for all of her hard work.

The Tee Sponsors for the 2011 CMHDS Charity Classic Golf Tournament are:

  • Adecco – Deon Scott *
  • ARPAC – Phil Collins
  • Coast Paper – Tami Haslam
  • Harding Forklift – Pete Harding & Phil Gimson
  • i to i Logistics – Michael Docherty
  • Johnston Equipment – Quincy Adrian & Peter Casey *
  • NIS Training – Naveen Nand
  • Pivot Industrial Training – Grant MacKenzie *
  • RT Agencies – Jamie Wagner
  • Stewart McKenzie Warehouse Equip. – Stewart McKenzie
  • Target Personnel – Ruth Huber
  • The Placement Group – Michelle Bennett *
  • Wallace & Carey – Wayne Boudreau *
  • Williams Machinery – Doug Westlake

* Dual Hole Sponsors

For more information about Canuck Place Children’s Hospice please visit their website at